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Managed IT Services

Tailored IT Services

You can rely on iTawy’s managed IT services
to look after your business computers and IT network.

Our Managed IT Services

We believe Managed Services provide the best value for money. Rather than waiting for your Computer or other equipment to break and than experience downtime and loss of productivity while waiting for a technician to come to the rescue you can trust us to maintain and service your systems in the background.

An apple a day keeps the doctor away – so the saying goes. The same applies to a well managed IT setup: If you don’t see our techs on site you know they’re doing well, working behind the scenes without disrupting your flow of business.


15+Years’ Experience in IT

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iTawy Solutions specializes in technological and IT-related services such as server, network, and user support, IT asset management, building cloud and infrastructure, networks, CCTV systems, etc.

We put a strong focus on the needs of your business to figure out solutions that best fits your demand, while assisting you with building customer trust.

Explore our Managed IT Services.

Bring newfound flexibility and agility to your organization with iTawy’s Managed IT Services.
We can help with your:

IT Consulting

iTawy Solutions' engineers assist our customers in selecting the right technology stacks for their solutions. Be it a cloud service or on-premise platform, we help businesses review technologies’ pros and cons before starting their projects.

IT Procurement

When it comes to IT hardware, iTawy is truly your one-stop-shop. We have agreements with leading IT manufacturers to provide best-of-breed solutions unique to each customer’s needs and budget requirements.

Cloud Infrastructure

Experience a fully managed solution that improves cloud operations, lifts the burden from your internal teams and delivers increased performance with reduced inputs. Managed Cloud services are a natural match for organizations looking to improve cost, performance, and utilization

Network and Security

Reduce the stress involved with securing your networks. iTawy’s Managed Security services allow you to strengthen your network. stay on top of evolving cyberthreats, maintain compliance and rapidly respond to threats all while simplifying network management and security tool sets.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup and Recovery Services provide data protection for applications, files, and servers that are configured, administered, monitored and supported. A data security breach or natural disaster can interrupt normal operations of a business. The right backup and recovery solution will save your business from detrimental downtime and data loss.

VOIP Solutions

We create the ideal solution that you and your business need. VOIP is the technology that allows transmission of voice calls over the IP network (internet), in iTawy we can offer you the perfect solution that your company needs to improve its communications and at the same time reduce your calling costs, videoconferences and virtual meetings both nationally and international.
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Reduced IT operational costs, and get access to a wide range of specialized engineers for a fixed monthly cost for bigger success